Electrician Christopher Gordon is director of family-run Electricians in Reading which has been trading since 2012. The business carries out a range of services, including electrical installations and emergency services, solar energy installations and electrical testing. Christopher explained to us why he’s abandoned other marketing channels in favour of Which? Trusted Traders membership.

May 2015's Which? Trusted trader of the month winner, Electricians in Reading, invested a little time in completing every aspect of their profile page and gained an awful lot.

Each of the business’ specialities is listed on their Which? Trusted Traders profile page. That means that when customers are looking for a particular kind of expertise which is offered by the business, Electricians in Reading is displayed in the search results.

The result of taking the time is increased business. 'We’re getting a couple of enquiries from the Which? Trusted Traders website every week,' said Christopher. 

Getting the most from the profile page

Christopher took the time to make sure that his Which? Trusted Traders profile page is 100% complete. He has listed qualifications and trade association registrations in the page biography to give customers confidence in his business from the outset.

Christopher has also added photographs of previous jobs which demonstrate the breadth and quality of the services his business offers. This is popular with customers as it gives them a clear indication of what you can do for them, although some customers want even more information. 'Sometimes customers contact me and ask to see more photographs,' Christopher told us.

Electricians in Reading don't stop at making the most of their profile page. Recognising the benefit of being associated with a consumer champion, Christopher was one of the first to apply for Which? Trusted Traders membership. 'Now, the logo is on everything – the van, our website, our business cards,' says Christopher. 'Customers find it reassuring that a brand like Which? is willing to endorse the business. They don’t have to worry about being ripped off.'

In fact, scheme membership has been so successful for Electricians in Reading, that Christopher has abandoned other marketing channels. 'We used to spend a lot on Google pay-per-click advertising,' says Chris. 'It didn’t really work for us, so I’ll be continuing with my Which? Trusted Traders membership instead.'

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