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Oct 2019


Specialists in Solar Panels, Battery Storage and EV Charging

Winner 2018 British Renewable Energy Installer of the Year

Winner East of England Solar PV Installer of the Year 2018 & 2019

Cambridge Solar is an established solar panel and battery installation company. The company is owned and run by me, Owen Morgan. I set Cambridge Solar up in 2009 and since then we have installed 100's of high-quality solar panel systems across the UK. We install both domestic & commercial solar panel systems for both the retro-fit & the new-build markets. Me & my experienced team pride ourselves on helping our customers to find the best solution for them. I have been very fortunate to have been involved in the renewable energy industry since 1999. Before starting Cambridge Solar, I worked for several leading renewable energy companies & received a BEng from Warwick & a MSc in renewable energy from CAT in Wales

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122 reviews
Customer Service
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Very good work
Customer Service
The installation of the solar panels and battery storage system proceeded smoothly, with stage payments requested at appropriate points. The work was done by different contractors at each stage, i.e. scaffolding, roof panels, and electrical work but all were well coordinated so there were no long intervals between each stage. In every case the tradesmen were polite and pleasant, and the system is now working very well. The panels are clearly more efficient than those on a previous house installed in 2011, so overall we have been very pleased with the work.
Customer in Central Bedfordshire Posted on 06/09/2023 , work completed 25/07/2023
Increasingly poor after sales service.
Despite having had many years good service the company is now in severe after sales service decline. The warranties provided are of little use if they do not respond to emails or return phone calls. Very disappointed.
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 06/02/2023 (Reviewer did not use service)
The trader replied (on 15/02/2023)
Hello I'm sorry if you have emails or phone calls that have not been responded to. I suspect that they we're directed at me (Owen) and I have been off work recently due to various personal reasons. Feel free to call me on ​07719 771 987 to discuss your issue. In fact we now have a after sales service department which we never had before so the level of service and after sales support is better than it has ever been. They can be contacted at support@cambridge-solar.co.uk. Rest assured we do take our warranties and products very seriously and sorry if we have missed any of your messages. Yours, Owen
Poor communication for a Which approved contractor
I contacted this trader by email twice. The first time requesting a call back, they didn’t. The second time I completed the online survey which took me about 45 minutes to complete. After not hearing from this company whatsoever, I called them 5 days later. The lady I spoke to said the team I needed to speak to were all on the phone. She took my details and said someone would call me back soon. They didn’t. This is truly terrible service.
Customer in Hertfordshire Posted on 27/08/2022 (Reviewer did not use service)
The trader replied (on 14/09/2022)
Hello Many thanks for your enquiry. I’m sorry we have not managed to be as responsive you would like. If you could call me on 07875 051 429 I can take your call. To provide some context, because of the recent rises in electricity prices we are dealing with 10x phone calls and emails than we are used to, and are set up to deal with. In order to deal with this we have tried to do two things: One - Set expectations to potential customers. We currently have warnings of significant delays in getting back to customers in the form of 1) a banner on our website 2) a pop-up when you ask for a quote 3) a message on the webform itself 4) a message on the phone system when customers call 5) a message on the Which Trusted Trader website 6) auto response emails to the main company emails. We hoped that this would be sufficient to warn people that there are delays in us getting back to them. Two – We have significantly increased the team that deals with enquiries. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to grow the team 10-fold as we would need to do in order to be as responsive as we would like. We are getting back to everyone eventually but in most instances, it is taking quite a few weeks. We would love to get back to everyone straight away but right now it's not possible. We admit that this is not great service right now and we are sorry about this, however we are doing our best under difficult circumstances. Yours sincerely, Owen
Non existent after sales support
Customer Service
My installation two years ago in August 2020 included an iBoost immersion heater controller. after six months I noticed that the screen was blank (I suspect that it had been clear for at least 3 months longer. The Cambridge Solar engineer who inspected it told me that the Immersion heater element was at fault. I had the element replaced at my cost - the engineer reported that the element was not faulty and the iBoost still did not work, In late summer CS replaced the iBoost. On 11November the boost screen was blank and I reported this to CS (Owen Morgan) by email. No response. I have sent follow-up emails and phoned numerous times. I've been promised a call back, but no call. I have now contacted Marlec, who manufacture iBoost, and they want proof of purchase. I looked at my invoice from CS and see that I was billed for a Solar Edge immersion controller which I had not noticed at the time. I went back to CS and asked for a revised invoice - no reaction. I am appalled by the complete lack of after-sales service and would advise anyone looking for a solar solution to look anywhere but Cambridge Solar UPDATE I am pleased to say that, following my negative review four days ago, Cambridge Solar have been in touch and have solved the problems which I was suffering. They installed a new iBoost immersion heater diverter yesterday and, so far, it seems to be working well. I feel that it is sad that it took a negative review to get this result, but having accepted that, I have been impressed with their reaction. I have increased their Customer Service rating both because they have recruited a dedicated customer services person and their reaction this week have left Quality as low because of the quality of the device which I believe to be a poor design/implementation of a good idea I hope that I will have a happier relationship with the third incarnation
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 08/08/2022 , work completed 14/08/2020
The trader replied (on 14/08/2022)
Dear Sir Thanks for your review and especially for the update following on from our response and the installation of a 2nd new unit. Thanks too for your request for a quotation for adding a battery system to your panels which we will get back to you with soon. I’m very sorry about the customer service experience you have had with regard to the faulty immersion controller. Shortly after your installation in 2020 we took a strategic decision as a company to stop installing any type of immersion controller due to the fact that all models we have used over the years have proved to be unreliable – not living up to the high standards we expect from the products we install. We do support any customers with any issues under warranty though. There has obviously been a number of failures in our support process, and for that we are very sorry. As a company we have been dealing with a number of difficult factors over recent months that have led to our high standards slipping. We have a comprehensive plan in place to improve our customer service back to our usual levels. I am pleased to say that of this month we now have a full-time member of staff managing the after sales support supported by another 3 members of technical staff. We will be in touch with the battery quote in due course. Yours sincerely Owen Morgan
Avoid at all costs
Customer Service
Avoid at all costs. We approached Cambridge Solar for our solar and are still waiting for the second part of the installation. Their communication is abysmal and we really regret using them. They do not value their customers at all, and don't really have a clue what is going on. Need a call back - forget it. We have left so many voicemails and they just do not care at all. The latest disaster; today we are supposed to have the scaffolding installed for the second part of our solar to be installed across Thursday and Friday. At 4pm, still no scaffolding. So we called the project manager and asked what is happening? He had no idea who we were, and no idea that the scaffolding was due today. He said that he would investigate and call us back. One and a half hours later and there is no call back. We tried calling the office and other numbers and no answer at all. So clearly after waiting months for our second part of our installation and we still have no idea when we are getting our solar panels. This latest debacle is the experience that we have endured since using Cambridge Solar and it has been the worst experience we have ever had when using a company. I cannot wait until this is done and they are out of our lives!
Customer in Suffolk Posted on 06/07/2022 , work completed 06/07/2022
The trader replied (on 08/07/2022)
I’m sorry about the issues we have had with your project. This is not our normal service and I take responsibility for the failures here, which I believe mostly come down to communication. We have had a number of issues, outside our control, that have impacted the business recently that in turn has impacted on our customer service. We have a number of things in place at the moment which will help us to overcome these issues and improve things going forward. Hopefully from our other reviews you can see that we do value customers and we do expect out customer experience and installations to be of the highest quality, but I know we have failed in this case. Your installation was always planned to be done in three parts 1) Part 1 – A system on a 3.68 kW inverter which did not need a DNO application and could be installed quickly 2) Part 2 – An addition system installed at a later date if the DNO application for a larger system was successful. This is what we are on site to install today. 3) Part 3 – A Tesla battery installation when we have them in stock (there are long lead times which are out of our control, and we have been transparent about) This was always the plan and we have not departed from this. This week the scaffolders turned up on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday afternoon as they were running behind and we did not realise. When you tried to call the on Project Manager he was travelling and when you tried to call me I was unavailable. Apologies, Owen
Excellent Company and installation
Customer Service
Cambridge Solar installed solar panels and a battery system. From first contact to project completion it was a stress free experience with all queries dealt with promptly and professionally. Good communication throughout Installation completed efficiently with no inconvenience. All technicians and tradesmen were polite, tidy and knowledgeable. A Handover meeting on completion was a nice surprise arranged to ensure we were entirely happy with everything and answer any queries. We can thoroughly recommend Cambridge-Solar.
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 23/06/2022 , work completed 09/06/2022
No Response after 17 days to Request and two reminders for Solar Panel Installation Quote
I intend to install solar panels and as a which member identified a couple of installers in my area to approach from the trustedtrader site. Cambridge solar were showing as highly rated so on 11th april I phoned them to seek a quotation. On answering my call I was told that all the team were busy, they took my name, address, phone number and email and said someone would call me back. By 20th april I had heard nothing so phoned again, I was told they are very busy and there is a 10 days delay on quotation requests. She confirmed that my details are on their system and said someone would phone me within a few days. By this morning, 28th april, I had still not received a response so I phoned again. The young lady I spoke to was apologetic, confirmed that they have my details and a record of my calls, and said she would get someone to phone me back. I asked if it would be today and she said yes. I received no call back today. This trustedtrader is clearly not living up to the rating that is showing for customer reviews. I am sure solar installers are busy at present but another installer I contacted around the same time came back within a few days with what looks like competitive quote. I am a seriously intending to install solar panels and as a which member I am very disappointed with this service from a recommended trader. ---------UPDATE posted 10/05/20022---------- On 28/04/2022 I posted a review expressing my dissatisfaction with the lack of response to my enquiry for a solar panel installation. At the same time I sent an email to the managing director of Cambridge Solar. I am pleased to report that I had a very prompt and apologetic response from Owen Morgan, the MD, and within a few days I now have a comprehensive and informative proposition and quotation for the installation. I am now happy with the response and appreciate that solar panel installers are presently inundated with enquiries given the hike in energy costs.
Customer in Central Bedfordshire Posted on 28/04/2022 (Reviewer did not use service)
The trader replied (on 29/04/2022)
Hello I'm extremely sorry about the delays in getting back to you. I know you have now had a response (phone call and email from myself) and I hope we can get a quote to you over the next few days. We have had unprecedented growth in enquiry numbers over recent weeks and we have unfortunately, despite trying our hardest, been struggling to get back to everyone in a timely manner. However we are getting back to everyone eventually. We are a small, dedicated team and have been dealing with literately 100's more enquiries per week than we normally deal with (something like 600% growth in a few weeks) and unfortunately we don't have the capacity to deal with everyone in a timely manner, although we are trying our best. Because of this growth in enquiries we have responded and we have recently taken on additional staff members to help to deal with the high enquiry levels, but we are a small business and there are limits to how many new staff members we can take on in a short period of time. I appreciate it is frustrating to not get a call back for your enquiry but we are doing our best. We are in such high demand because we have a good reputation because we install high quality systems and look after our customers. I hope the above review does not put anyone off - if you are interested in getting a quote please get in touch with us on the contact details above - but be prepared for a delay in getting back to you until we have caught up with our enquiries! Yours, Owen
Solar PV system with battery installation
Customer Service
My system was installed, by Cambridge Solar, a little earlier than I expected and a little less than the original quote. I did have to wait a few weeks before things began moving because the company, I was told, was inundated by calls. I was very pleased when the process began that I had waited Everyone in the team, from administration to installers and electricians, conveyed competence and professionalism during the whole installation. In the middle of the process, I had some extra work I hoped they would help me with and they did. They all were very pleasant, approachable and helpful throughout the process no matter how often I phoned, emailed or personally asked questions. Now that it is finished I have been told that I can continue to ask further questions and get support if I need it. I am really enjoying watching the system working well now, even when there isn't full sun, and electricity being produced as shown on my apps. I'm very happy that I had my panels installed.
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 01/03/2022 , work completed 21/02/2022
Helpful and Professional.
Customer Service
We are very pleased with our new installation, everything is as promised and to a high standard. Particularly happy with the different technicians who worked on our house, all very helpful and courteous. Cambridge Solar have always been able to answer our questions and explain all the complexities of solar panels. Would recommend.
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 21/02/2022 , work completed 02/02/2022
Truly outstanding service and products
Customer Service
From start to finish this has been a first class experience. I'd been putting off getting solar for a long time and now I really wish I hadn't! The whole team at Cambridge Solar were very responsive and creative with how to get the best out of the design and provided guidance every step of the way. Any unexpected challenge that came up was quickly discussed, solutions proposed, agreed and implemented. The team were a pleasure to have on the property. I would not hesitate to recommend to anybody thinking about a solar install. Thank you! A+++
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 02/12/2021 , work completed 26/11/2021