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The experts in diagnosing and restoring engine performance, efficiency and reducing emissions for public, trade and fleet across the East Midlands region.

Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands (F5ECC) is IMI Certified, Which? Trusted Trader Approved and also a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

We cover all East Midlands counties: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, plus the north of Cambridgeshire.

A fully insured mobile service suitable for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel or LPG, no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

Carbon is a natural by-product of burning fossil fuels in a combustion engine. Carbon buildup gathers over time and causes an engine to labour, vibrate and over fuel. This leads to excessive:

- rumble and shake
- fuel usage (declining MPG)
- smoke and emissions
- wear and tear on other components (engine mounts, etc.)
- DPF regeneration in Diesel vehicles.
- sluggishness, lag and sticking turbo

What we do

  • Car repairs, servicing and MOTs

  • Engine repairs and servicing

    • Car engine tuning and diagnostic services
    • Engine Cleaning
    • Engine Detox
  • Vehicle inspection services

  • More Services

    • engine cleaning
    • carbon clean
    • engine detox
    • engine decoke

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318 reviews
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A truly great service
Customer Service
I’m more than happy with the service. The diagnostics talk through whilst the carbon clean happened was most enlightening. We’re all geared to jump on the EGR issue tomorrow and start to rectify the issue there. The reports were also very helpful. I was dreading a failed injector so to know it was wiring related was a relief. I’ll let you know how we get on for sure. *Update* Adrian’s initial cautious diagnosis was quite right. The EGR had failed (2 months old Chinese rubbish). Replaced it with OEM today. The difference is night and day. This big old diesel V6 feels responsive and clean. I really rate this service but, what I rate more is Adrian. He’s clear, calm and well informed. I really appreciate everything he did and will happily use him again in the future.
Customer in Peterborough Posted on 23/03/2024 , work completed 22/03/2024
The trader replied (on 26/03/2024)
Thank you for your review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your car.
Adrian Carbon cleaning
Customer Service
I am really pleased with the service that Adrian has done for my Subaru . The clean has totally changed the way the car runs and performs . Before it was down on power , running rich and the exhaust sound was terrible .It also had a lot of sooty deposits from the exhaust which also covered the rear of the car. Adrian explained every step of the process as it was done . Overall the information given to me , the price and the availability to fit my car in and the attention to detail of the service was excellent. I recommend him and the service to anyone wishing to keep their car/ van in tip top condition
(your username) Posted on 21/03/2024 , work completed 20/03/2024
The trader replied (on 25/03/2024)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your Subaru.
Great work again
Customer Service
I have used this service before once back when I got my 1 series, I had it done before at 54000 miles and I have decided to do it again at 65000 miles just to keep on top of the engine cleaning. The MPG average has been noticeable as well as the power and output when accelerating has a massive difference. He helped me look into codes I was getting prior temporarily that he then explained his thoughts and was open and honest about. He provided a brilliant service for a good price. Will be using the service again wether it’s for this car or future cars.
Customer in Nottinghamshire Posted on 02/03/2024 , work completed 29/01/2024
The trader replied (on 06/03/2024)
Thanks for the review - was great to see you again and help you with your car.
Slightly life changing.
Customer Service
Incredible service. I can't believe how much improvement it's achieved just from a pipe shoved up the air filter for an hour. It's alleviated so many shakes and the whole engine and car is smoother. It revs lower, shifts easier, accelerates quicker and smoother, has gained economy, and I'm sure will extend the working age of the vehicle. Forget recommendations, this is a necessity. GET YOUR TUBES UNCLOGGED. 118000mile3.0cdtiVectra
Customer in Cambridgeshire Posted on 31/01/2024 , work completed 31/01/2024
The trader replied (on 05/02/2024)
Thank you for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your car.
Super carbon clean
Adrian arrived on time, discussed what he was doing at every stage of the Carbon Clean, found a possible issue with engine temp, very pleased with the whole process and cost, would highly recommend.
Customer in Leicestershire Posted on 21/12/2023 (Reviewer did not use service)
The trader replied (on 22/12/2023)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your car.
Excellent service again
Always have Adrian to do a carbon clean after getting any new car and this time was no different always goes out his way to get date’s I requested and this time while doing clean & diagnostics found an issue with car of which I wouldn’t of found and have managed to get done while still under warranty so saved me lots of money can’t recommend Adrian enough service second to none
Customer in Northamptonshire Posted on 14/11/2023 (Reviewer did not use service)
The trader replied (on 16/11/2023)
Thanks for the review - was great to see you again and help you with your car.
Zafira with a stutter
Customer Service
Our Zafira has been a workhorse for the best part of 12 years and in the last few months developed a fault. The engine management light would come on and then disappear, usually when it was booked into a garage for diagnosis. Eventually, it was diagnosed as the system running lean. But, there was no explanation for it. Any garage will work on trial and error. This could mean injectors to sensors. I saw the YouTube video of Adrian with a similar Zafira and thought that it would be worth contacting ECC and see what they thought. I have an Astra as well so booked both in for diagnosis and Carbon Clean. Adrian was very thorough and professional. Explained the error codes and what could be the cause of the problems. Although they don't do the repair work, the complete diagnosis, working with live data, is invaluable. The potential problem was identified as a stuck thermostat. Not what I would have thought at all. Can't recommend Adrian and ECC enough. I now have a good idea of where to start with the Zafira. For anyone thinking of keeping an older ICE vehicle on the road for longer, I would have ECC out to perform a Carbon Clean. Both the Astra and Zafira now run a lot smoother.
Customer in Derbyshire Posted on 04/11/2023 , work completed 03/11/2023
The trader replied (on 06/11/2023)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your cars.
Great Service
Customer Service
Booked in with Engine Carbon Clean on recommendation and Adrian did not fail to disappoint! Flagged issues with the engine I would not have known about until it was broken and its already running much smoother, once I get the work done it will be even better! Would fully recommend to anyone else too.
Customer in Nottinghamshire Posted on 26/10/2023 , work completed 26/10/2023
The trader replied (on 27/10/2023)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your car.
You’re in safe hands
Customer Service
Adrian was brilliant, you know, straight away that he knows what he’s talking about. I felt my car was in very safe hands. He gave me plenty of information on all aspects of my car from the diagnostic check. The car came up with ‘emissions go to garage’, now it runs beautifully. I’ve got my MOT next week, I’m confident it will sail through. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again.
Customer in Derbyshire Posted on 21/09/2023 , work completed 18/09/2023
The trader replied (on 21/09/2023)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your car
5***** Excellent Service
Customer Service
Excellent service very knowledgeable guy talk through everything and checked above and beyond what other companies have done in the past. I will be using for every vehical I have from now on. Excellent Gentlemen 5*****
Customer in Staffordshire Posted on 20/09/2023 , work completed 12/09/2023
The trader replied (on 20/09/2023)
Thanks for the review - was a pleasure meeting you and helping you with your car.