The Pure Water People have been named Which? Trusted Trader of the month for August 2021. The judging panel were impressed by the company’s vast history of excellent reviews and their charity work.

We spoke to Cathy Walker, who joined the Pure Water People in 2008 and is now Company Director, to find out more about the business and how they benefit from being a Which? Trusted Trader.

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Pure Water, pure satisfaction 

One of the first traders to join the Which? Trusted Traders scheme, the Pure Water People have been endorsed since 2014 and operate with a team of 20 people. 

The company installs filtration systems that aim to remove chemicals from your household water supply and reduce the build-up of limescale around the home.  

Cathy explained that, after researching a variety of trader websites, the Pure Water People chose to become Which? Trusted Traders as: ‘we loved the brand alignment, it signifies trust. We appreciated the rigorous joining process, the support with the ombudsman and the benefits of being a trader both for us and our customers as well.’

The benefits of being a Which? Trusted Trader are evident in the Pure Water People’s Trader page, where they are recommended by 100% of customers since they joined the Which? Trusted Traders scheme, with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, based on 1,054 reviews. 

A recent reviewer said: ‘I have had a water filtration system for many years which was originally fitted and is now serviced by the Pure Water People. They have excellent customer service, always remind me when my annual review is due and are flexible about dates and changes to those dates. I have always appreciated the professionalism and friendly manner of the engineers over the years.’

The good reviews mean a lot to the company. Cathy said: ‘When we receive a five star Which? Trusted Trader review we are so proud our customers have made the effort and we share the good news with our team!’

A caring, charitable company 

During the pandemic, the Pure Water People made a concerted effort to help people who were struggling. 

The company’s call centre workers volunteered their time with a national charity that pairs people suffering from loneliness and social isolation with a long term call companion. They intend to continue making the calls when the pandemic has ended, as the scheme has been rewarding for both caller and recipient.

Alongside this, the Pure Water People were often visiting elderly and vulnerable people to service their filtration equipment, but decided to help out even more. They helped with jobs around the house such as changing light bulbs and fuses or fixing showers. In some cases they even provided deliveries of food and medicines as part of a wider community outreach program. 

The generous, thoughtful actions of The Pure Water People resonated well with the judges. In the words of one judge, ‘they clearly went above and beyond for customers during the pandemic and had a particular focus on supporting the elderly and vulnerable which is great.’

The excellent performance of the Pure Water People was also recognised by their Which? Trusted Trader account manager, Kasey Thomas, who said: ‘Congratulations to Cathy and the team! The Pure Water People are such a friendly and dedicated team to work with. They are always going above and beyond for customers and their hard work shows through the amazing amount of customer feedback they've received. A thoroughly deserved win!’

Which? Trusted Traders offers support and advice

If a trader is considering applying to be a Which? Trusted Trader, Cathy’s advice is: ‘Absolutely go for it! The brand alignment, the support from the Trusted traders team, we get lots of enquiries (and sales) from the Which? Trusted Trader site – it’s amazing to use at point of sale, and if you can develop your review page it quickly becomes a precious resource!’

Cathy went on to explain the level of support offered by the Which? Trusted Trader scheme from the moment a trader signs up: ‘When we embarked upon the process we received valuable advice from the accessors regarding our literature and business practices – it was great to get a free business health check!’

Congratulations to the Pure Water People for winning August 2021’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award. 

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