Regal Kitchens has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for May 2022. 

An endorsed trader since 2015, Regal Kitchens is based in Chelmsford, Essex, and has eight members of staff. The company specialises in designing, supplying and installing kitchens. 

Alongside being an endorsed Which? Trusted Trader, Regal Kitchens is also a member of the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) and the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA). Affiliation with these organisations helps the company to ensure it’s meeting the highest standards within its industry.  

We spoke to John Martin, director, and Emma Mcloughlin, business development manager, to find out what motivates the company and why it decided to become a Which? Trusted Trader. 

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Service fit for royalty, but for everyone

Recalling the origins of Regal Kitchens, John said: ‘We had worked for national kitchen companies and realised that they could never offer a quality customer-service experience. It felt at the time that there was room for this in the marketplace. From the start it was about putting the customer at the heart of everything, and every day we live by our company motto, “where client is king”.’

The desire to provide great service to all is reflected in Regal Kitchens’ Which? Trusted Trader reviews. The company is recommended by 98% of customers, and has Trusted Trader scores of 4.9 out of 5 overall: 4.9 for customer service, 4.9 for quality and 4.8 for value. 

Satisfaction with every step of the process – from designing to supplying and installing – is a recurring theme in customer reviews. One happy reviewer, who had a kitchen supplied and fitted by the company, said: ‘All aspects of the service, from initial design to completion, were carried out to a very high standard, and all work was completed in accordance with the agreed schedule and cost. I found that all Regal staff were knowledgeable and experienced, and they were all polite, courteous and helpful throughout the process. My fitters were amazing! They arrived punctually every day and worked so hard to complete everything the way I wanted it.’

Regal Kitchens’ Which? Trusted Traders account manager Teo Horsley said: ‘A massive congratulations to Regal Kitchens, the company is a pleasure to work with and truly deserves to be Trusted Trader of the Month. As a company it’s doing so many great things that align with our values here at Which? Trusted Traders, and it’s doing a lot within its community.’

Innovative ways of helping customers

When buying a kitchen with Regal Kitchens, the company offers ‘Regal Care’ to help customers get the most out of their new purchase. Once the kitchen is fitted, Regal sends a home economist, equipped with enough ingredients to cook a three course meal, to demonstrate the full capabilities of the new kitchen. 

This hands-on approach to helping customers was highlighted by Emma as a satisfying part of her job. She said: ‘My favourite part is when I give clients tuition on their new appliances through our Regal Care scheme. Not only do I get to see their visualised kitchen come to life, but I also get the chance to cook in their beautiful new room, getting to know the customers whilst cooking them a three-course meal.’

Emma explained further that: ‘every kitchen is unique and special, and it’s interesting to see how our designers work around potential problems and can completely change the look and feel of a room.’

Regal Kitchens’ innovative approach to helping customers impressed the judging panel, with one judge saying: ‘Really consumer-centric, love that there’s a member of the team dedicated to customer experience, and the Regal Care scheme is such a good idea!’

Working for charity and community as well as customers

Regal Kitchens extends its helpfulness to its local community and charities. Goodwill ripples out from the business, with everyone benefiting – from well-known charities to local students. 

Some of the extensive charitable efforts and community initiatives made by the company include:

  • donating a kitchen display to a local scout hut to replace ageing equipment
  • hosting a Macmillan coffee morning in the company’s showroom, with prizes donated by suppliers and raising £508
  • regularly donating baking goodie bags to organisations raising money for charity
  • hosted many case study and workshop days for the interior design degree students from South Essex University
  • running the Cookaholics Club and Facebook group (with 206 members), providing a space for customers to share news about food, recipes and events. 


The workshop for interior design students educated the group on how lighting can change the look of textures and colours used in a kitchen. The students were given a brief to design a fresh, bright kitchen in a space with limited daylight. This is a lesson worth remembering for customers as well as designers. 

Alongside these varied efforts, Regal Kitchens also regularly has a student on a work experience placement with the company, helping to provide industry experience to the next generation.

Which? endorsement inspires trust and confidence

Explaining the company’s decision to become a Which? Trusted Trader, John said: ‘Which? is the most trusted name in the industry and has been for decades. Customers know that if a company has been endorsed by Which?, they have a ‘gold standard’ of expectation.’

He further described how being an endorsed trader helps Regal Kitchens to stand out: ‘A lot of our customers are very discerning, and so they value the input and value of Which?. Being endorsed by Which? helps us to separate ourselves from all local competitors.’

Customers who research their options and use recommended traders are more likely to receive high-quality work. Emma noted: ‘We’ve found that the type of customer who uses Which? to search for a reputable trader isn’t always looking for the cheapest kitchen, they are more interested in receiving a high standard of service and aftercare.’

Commenting on Regal’s experience of being endorsed by Which?, John said:‘The endorsement process is rigorous but most definitely worth it. To have such a well-known name in the industry behind your company will give customers extra confidence in using your services. The Which? representatives are extremely helpful and supportive when it comes to advice on compliance, to ensure you’re always on the right track.’ 

Finally, John offered a thought for traders seeking an endorsement: ‘The Which? Trusted Traders scheme will hold a mirror up to your company, so if you care enough and are prepared to do everything possible to look after your customers, you are an ideal candidate. If you just want a fast buck and to move on to your next victim, don’t bother!’

Congratulations to Regal Kitchens for winning May 2022’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award. 

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