January 2016 was a record breaking month for online reviews here at Which? Trusted Traders and one of these entries helped A1 Bespoke Ltd become our trader of the month.

Customer feedback plays an important role in the selection process for Which? Trusted trader of the month and our judging panel were bowled over by the customer feedback for A1 Bespoke Ltd by ‘Slatey’. The review says:

'I had Mike come down to look at my elderly Dads roof to see what could be done as the bathroom ceiling was leaking lots. He went up the ladders and took some pictures of the potential problems which he readily showed my Dad and myself. I was shocked at his honesty and as I have been in the building trade myself, I did not expect this.He patched up the problems fast and efficiently and in less than an hour, he had done his best, which cost a hefty twenty quid - yes that's right twenty quid. I will be calling Mike early next week to get him to look at my girlfriends leaky back bedroom problem which has been going on for some time now, as she has been too frightened of a huge estimate, but not now.Thanks Mike you have restored my faith in humanity.'

You can view this review, along with other excellent feedback on A1 Bespoke Ltd’s profile page.

The value of reviews

We asked company director Michael Hall how much they value their reviews: 'Customer feedback means everything to our business, in fact, ensuring customer satisfaction on every job has been at the centre of my business since we started in 2010. We’ve worked incredibly hard to get 100% feedback across many platforms from all our customers and being Which? Trusted Traders accredited now just adds to that which is fantastic and bodes well for the future.'

Michael also explains how their Which? Trusted Traders endorsement has helped inspire confidence with prospective customers: 'They’re particularly impressed when we show them the Code of Conduct and list of what to expect from us as a business. I’d say it has definitely helped us to sell more work to more customers. Previously, we have been in similar organisations but have not had anywhere near the level of leads as we have had from Which? It certainly seems to be a more prestigious and recognized brand with the general public than others and that extra level of brand recognition helps us greatly.'

High-quality enquiries

We also asked Michael what attracted A1 Bespoke Ltd to Which? Trusted Traders in the first place: 'We joined Which? Trusted Traders following a recommendation from another endorsed business nearby. They said how it had worked for them and that they were getting high-quality enquiries from customers. We went ahead and were approved to join in Oct 2015. I’ve found the people who are contacting us via Which? have done their research and know what they want. Most are virtually sold already due to the Which? Trusted Traders accreditation.'

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Could you be our next Which? Trusted trader of the month?

If you are an endorsed Which? Trusted trader, then our guide to the Which? Trusted trader of the month selection process explains what you need to do.

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