A Goodwill Roofing takes this month's Which? Trusted trader of the month award. The family business is owned and run by Arron Goodwill, together with his father. Together, they are regularly ‘flagged down’ in and around Surrey because of a recognisable logo on their van. 

Marketing your business is easy with the help of Which? Trusted Traders. Roofer Arron Goodwill explained how the familiar logo is keeping his family business busy with a steady stream of new customers. 

'Having the Which? Trusted Traders logo on the van can be an icebreaker with new customers,' Arron told us. 'They might have been putting off a roofing job, but when they see the Which? icon, they feel confident enough to introduce themselves and chat.'

The same goes for customers that contact Arron by email or on the telephone, having seen the business on the Which? Trusted Traders website or in the Little Red Book directory. 'Sometimes they ask ‘When can you start?’ before I’ve even priced the job,' Arron added.

Would you like to be the next Which? Trusted trader of the month? Find out how in our guide to the selection process. Read on for more about A Goodwill Roofing, this month's winner.

Trusted by consumers

Arron decided to join the Which? Trusted Traders scheme because of the high standing of the Which? brand. He was already a fan of the product reviews and believed in the same values of empowering consumers and providing excellent customer service. 'I bought a tumble dryer recently. I actively looked for the Which? logo as part of my decision-making process,' he said. 'The same goes for customers looking for good quality tradespeople – the Which? Trusted Traders logo gives consumers faith in the business.'

Arron gets the most out of the Which? Trusted Traders logo by using it on estimates, invoices and the company website. In fact, the strength of the icon has changed his business marketing strategy.

'I still do a little Google advertising and one phone directory, but I’ve stopped advertising elsewhere in favour of Which? Trusted Traders,' he told us. 'I don’t need to do anything else because the phone is always ringing. We couldn’t take much more on!'

'Other review websites tend to be on the side of tradesperson,' says Arron. 'They’re only interested in a subscription fee. Which? Trusted Traders is different because only the best businesses make it onto the scheme, plus they want consumers to get a fair deal. That’s why we’re happy to have the Which? logo on every part of our business.'

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