When roofing contractor Josh Morrison was contacted by customers who were concerned about work done by cold callers, he wasn’t surprised.

‘Unfortunately, I’m seeing this more and more often,’ said Josh, the owner of Blackpool-based JR Roofing Lancs.

He told us how the elderly couple who contacted him had felt pushed into getting work done on their guttering and handing over payment of £1,000 in cash. The cold callers even insisted they could take the customer’s dog and jewellery as part payment if they wouldn’t hand over the cash.

When Josh checked the work, he found damaged tiles, and incorrectly-installed fascia and guttering that was causing water to run into the roof space. So he and his team rolled up their sleeves to put things right, carrying out the repairs free of charge.

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‘I just wanted to help’

The JR Roofing Lancs Limited team

Josh told us: ‘The cold callers had taken the customers’ savings. I couldn’t leave them like that, it isn’t fair. It’s a difficult time of year to have water coming in your home when you’re elderly. I just wanted to help more than anything.’

He added: ‘When something like this happens to people it leaves a hard footprint – they feel like they can’t trust any traders. So I like to do my bit to change that reputation and show that there are honest traders out there who care about people.’

His efforts seem to have worked with the affected customer, who wrote in a review on the Trusted Traders site that the JR Roofing Lancs team had ‘restored [her] faith in roofers’.

These sentiments are reflected in the company’s other reviews, where they’ve been described as ‘traders to be trusted’, ‘honest and reliable’ and a ‘hard-working, respectful team’.

Our judges praised JR Roofing Lancs for going the extra mile for a customer in need as they awarded the firm our latest Trader of the Month title. But they were equally impressed by the company’s continuing commitment to provide free telephone advice to local people.

‘If someone feels unsure about something they’ve been told by another roofing company or a quotation they’ve received, we’re on hand to give honest advice,’ Josh explained.

How to find a roofer

Josh has three key pieces of advice for anyone who needs to find a reliable roofer.

‘I always tell customers to get more than one quote – not just for the price, but for the information that the roofer is giving them,’ he said.

‘When getting quotes, it’s also important to check different platforms to see what people are saying about the trader.

‘And finally, look for people that are with an organisation like Which? Trusted Traders or the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, and go through them to find the trader.’

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‘Big splash’

Speaking about the Trader of the Month win, Josh told us: ‘I’m really happy and proud that we’ve been recognised when there are so many brilliant traders out there.

‘It just shows that we might only be a small stone on the beach, but we’ve made a big splash.’

Josh and his team aren’t resting on their laurels, though. Thanks to this win, JR Roofing Lancs will be included on the longlist for the coveted Trader of the Year award. But they’re setting their sights on making it on the shortlist and to next year’s award ceremony.

‘Winning this has now set us a new goal,’ Josh said. ‘I always try to keep aiming higher.’

Only time will tell if they are successful. But in the meantime, congratulations to JR Roofing Lancs for winning December’s Trusted Trader of the Month.

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