Bristol-based electricians Lek-Trix Limited has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for September 2020.

No job is too big or small for Lek-Trix, which does a wide range of electrical work, including lighting, power and fitting smart home systems.

This is the company’s second win, with Lek-Trix Limited also named Trusted Trader of the Month in August 2019. It also achieved a Certificate of Distinction in June 2020, awarded to a select few traders who achieve the highest standards.

We spoke to Dan Haynes, who founded Lek-Trix, to talk about the company’s growth, community-focus and power of being a Which? Trusted Trader.

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Taking pride in electrical work

Lek-Trix is recommended by 100% of customers on its Which? Trusted Trader profile page at the time of writing. Customers often praise its reliability, high standard of work, tidiness and promptness.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Lek-Trix says that the majority of work comes from repeat customers or from word-of-mouth recommendations.

Dan told us: ‘We are always proud of our work and do everything to the highest standard. We’re proud of the response we get from customers. As long as the customer is happy then we have won.

‘If we’re not happy with something we are not ashamed to say that it’s not right and we will change it.’

Dan Haynes, founder of Lex-Trix Limited

Perfectionism is also at play in the construction of the new website, which Dan revealed is on its fourth revision. The aim is for it to be as simple and informative as possible, with a blog so the team can give customers regular updates, Dan told us.

Founded in 2007, Dan’s aim was to challenge the poor reputation of some traders. ‘I think I have always had a thing about the bad reputation that traders get for constantly being the people for whom everything is a problem, including customer service. We wanted to be different.

‘I am always trying to constantly improve and strive for good customer service so people can say traders are alright too! That’s our main motivation.’

Lek-Trix is a team of three: Dan, his partner Frankie, and Lee who joined recently and is training.

Dan said: ‘Being a small team enables us to keep it a bit more personal. If I come out and quote the job, most of the time it’s me that’s doing it.’

Standing out with Which? Trusted Traders

Lek-Trix became a Which? Trusted Trader in 2016 because it was ideal for its customers and there were few Trusted Traders in the area who were electricians.

‘There are so many governing bodies for electrics that people don’t know about them,’ Dan explained. ‘People go to Which? when they want to buy something and it’s a trusted brand. So it gives people an extra level of confidence.

‘People promoted us before we had reviews because I’m a Which? Trusted Trader.

‘Most customers recognise that Which? Trusted Traders has genuine reviews and when people realise that Which? vets the reviews it gives them confidence.’

The judges loved Dan’s unusual ideas for where to use the Which? Trusted Trader logo – on work mats and kneeling pads.

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Community spirit

As well as being committed to looking after its customers, Lek-Trix throws itself into charity and community work. The judges commended its efforts to support an electrician in-training.

Lek-Trix donated tools to an individual who wanted to change careers and train as an electrician but was finding it tricky to get work experience without the necessary equipment. Since then, he has joined the team while he studies.

Dan has also fitted a community defibrillator free of charge, after donating £250 towards the fundraising effort for it.

Every customer is involved in Lek-Trix’s charity work with Beam which supports homeless people looking to retrain and get back into work. When an invoice is paid, customers get a £10 prepaid donation card and they choose who to support with it via the Beam website.

Sign up with Which? Trusted Traders

Finally we asked what advice Dan would give to other traders thinking about apply to the Which? Trusted Trader scheme.

‘My advice is to get involved. It helps push your business forward because people recognise it. You have to ask people for reviews and tell them you’re a Which? Trusted Trader. You can’t just put a sticker on your van and when people look you up your profile has no reviews and no photos.

‘It can be an inconvenience for people to leave a review but if you do a really good job most of the time they are willing to write you a review because they are happy.

‘Customers appreciate it and that’s the main thing.’

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Congratulations to Lek-Trix for winning September 2020’s Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award.

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