This month's winner W5 Electrical Ltd are based in West London. Kieran Keenan started his W 5 Electrical business in 2012. The business has grown to a team of electricians, which covers electrical installation and repair work throughout West London. “It’s a false economy to go with traders that don’t have the right accreditations. The same goes for those who cut corners to beat other quotes,” says

'Customers could avoid poor service and having to pay twice for one job by choosing tradespeople backed by consumer organisation Which?', says Kieran, whose London-based business has grown to five members of staff. 'It’s a false economy to go with traders that don’t have the right accreditations. The same goes for those who cut corners to beat other quotes. 

Being a Which? Trusted trader is important to Kieran and his team. 'I actively promote my membership of Which? Trusted Traders to all customers – even those who haven’t yet heard of the scheme itself,' he explained. 'Everyone knows about Which? and what it stands for. By association, customers know they can trust W5 Electrical to do a good job at a decent price,' says Kieran. 'That’s why the Which? Trusted Traders logo is on our vans, polo shirts and paperwork.'

This engagement with the scheme is part of what gained W 5 Electrical this month's award. If you want to be the next Which? Trusted trader of the month, check out our article on what you need to do.

A scheme to promote trust

Kieran always asks all customers to post a review on the Which? Trusted Traders website. 'It creates a word-of-mouth effect online,' he said. 'It’s the best way to prove that customer service is a high priority at W5 Electrical. Word-of-mouth leads to new business. Plus, once we’ve shown customers what we can do, and they know about our Which? endorsement, they often come back.

Today’s average homeowner is more inclined to use a search engine to find a local tradesperson than scour the local newspaper and gamble on a trader advertising there,' adds Kieran. 'Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. As their influence grows, so do the opportunities for businesses who embrace the Which? Trusted Traders scheme and make their recommendations visible to potential new customers.'

Tradespeople who apply to become Which? Trusted Traders are visited and vetted by an endorsement assessor before they can join the scheme. The assessment process is thorough, which Kieran believes will push up standards in the home maintenance industry.

'Customers might work with one Which? Trusted Trader and, in having a great experience with them, know they can count on any tradesperson or business that is part of the scheme,” says Kieran. “That’s the strength of the Which? brand.'

'There are other trader review schemes out there, but Which? Trusted Traders is head and shoulders above the rest,” concludes Kieran. “I have found that the return on investment from leaflet campaigns, social media and other websites doesn’t compare and I’d highly recommend membership to all reputable traders.'

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