Baxi has been manufacturing in the UK for over 150 years, proving a range of high efficiency, high quality boilers, all backed up by their award winning customer support division

The company is firmly focused on excellence and continually strives to improve both its products and services, and has recently undergone an internal programme  to improve the customer experience and further upgrade its service offering.

Baxi is proud to provide first-rate customer service with their in-house repair and maintenance service. The customer service division employs 225 engineers, who provide a range of services to consumers – including repairs under warranty, annual servicing and maintenance on a range of service plans.

Having dedicated customer support engineers, fully trained in boilers old and new works for Baxi because of the consistent support this gives their customers. Andrew Keating, Aftersales and Marketing Director, said: ‘We can offer a high level of service, because of our engineers experience and deep knowledge about maintaining and repairing boilers.  All our products are backed by Baxi Customer Support, our UK based award-winning customer contact centre, and a nationwide network of our own fully trained gas safe registered engineers, providing help and support when customers need it.

Having a problem with your heating and hot water can be extremely distressing and consumers need repairers they can rely on.   Our engineers are our heroes out in the field.  They are experts on heating systems.  They undergo extensive product training to know our products inside out and have technical backup should they need it.  Every day our engineers arrive at our customers’ homes to service or repair their boiler.  If it’s the latter, the customer may be distressed, angry or upset and the engineer is there to put things right. 

Which? Trusted Traders endorsement

Baxi prides itself on the effort it puts into training its engineers, and ensuring they have all the tools at their disposal to get the job done effectively. The company already used a feedback system, to ensure its people respond to its customer’s needs, with an internal recognition programme for their customer service.

The Baxi team decided to take this feedback a stage further and seek a Which? Trusted Traders endorsement to gain external, independent validation for all their hard work. As Andrew Keating said: ‘We wanted to show how good we were.’

Now the Baxi team can display the Which? Trusted Traders logo with pride – and customers should be able to spot it on the engineers' vans and in advertising. As with all endorsed traders, successfully passing the assessment process shows consumers how good the business is; Baxi complies with all current regulation, treats its customers fairly and goes out of its way to provide excellent levels of customer service.

For Baxi there’s a dual boost – its service centre gets the positive recognition awarded by the endorsement and its customers see they are allied with a trusted, consumer champion. The association with Which? gives customers confidence and lets them know Baxi works to a high standard and will treat them fairly.

Andrew Keating said: ‘Our approved services endorsement from Which? Trusted Traders provides an official stamp of approval for the service we provide. We know how good our engineers are – now, everyone else does too.’

Raj Kakar-Clayton, Managing Director of Which? Trusted Traders said: ‘We’re delighted to announce the Which? Trusted Traders endorsement of Baxi’s service as our latest approved services endorsement. We look forward to working together to help provide reassurance to consumers when they’re looking to find traders they can trust.’

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