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Top tips on cleaning your car

You never know what the weather will throw at you, but while the sun is shining, it’s a good time to get outside and clean your car.

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Vacuuming your car’s interior

Remove and then wash all the mats inside your car first. These can dry while you vacuum the inside carpets. Open all your car’s windows to get some fresh air inside the vehicle. Remember to vacuum the seats top to bottom and in between ensuring you clean up any crumbs or dust that has accumulated. Finally it’s time to open up the boot and see what surprises are waiting for you. Now’s the time to get rid of any unwanted belongings cluttering up your storage space.

Cleaning your car’s interior

Clean your car’s dashboard so it looks shiny and new again. Clean out and then dust and polish the glove and door compartments as well as the bin, drinks holder and ashtray. Then get started on the steering wheel, handbrake, gearstick and foot pedals.

Washing and waxing your car’s exterior

If your car hasn’t been washed and waxed over the winter months at all, it might be worth considering visiting a specialist carwash. If you’ve kept your car in relatively good condition, a good wax whilst the sun is shining will get your pride and joy looking like new again.

Cleaning your car’s windows

Here’s where the hard work starts. If your car has endured months of wind, rain, sleet, snow and cold conditions without a good wash, you’re going to have to go heavy duty. Always start with the outside of the windows so you can then identify any smears once you’re back inside. Spray the glass with window cleaner and then clean using a damp cloth or chamois leather. You can then polish your windows with a dry towel.

Cleaning your windscreen wipers

Last but not least, remember to clean your windscreen wipers. With a damp cloth, clean the wipers and try to scrub off any stubborn dirt. Ensuring that your wiper blades touch the windscreen glass will prevent any irritating noise.

Once you’ve given your car a thoroughly good spring clean, it’s time to take it for a spin. Just try not to drive through too many puddles.

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